Director of the Department of Development of the Innovation Cluster and Marketing

Date of placement:


Vacancy closed

Required work experience: over 6 years.

Work schedule: full time, full day.

— management of marketing and public relations functions for the promotion and development of ACF Tech Garden, including laboratories, centers of excellence, venture fund, IT quarter;
— holding events with the involvement of local and foreign experts for the implementation of technologies and the development of local competencies;
— building partnerships with target potential partners for business and technological development;
— managing the daily activities of employees working in the field of marketing communications;
— implementation and development of the corporate innovation program, coordination of the Tech Garden team, the operator of the acceleration program and the venture fund. Control over the selection process, training content, planning and the effectiveness of start-up participation;
— search and attraction of technological projects;
— participation in the development and implementation of the fund's strategy;
— development of international partnerships for suppliers;
— technologies, strategic business partners and other levers that are able to advance the goals of Tech Garden;
— development and processing of processes to ensure maximum quality and productivity of all sales / marketing / PR;
— implementation of the company's commercial strategy.

— education: higher professional, legal, technical;
— work experience in the position held: work experience - at least 5 years;
— the ability to competently manage and control employees and contractors;
— possession of digital marketing tools, extensive experience with contextual advertising, performance marketing and end-to-end analytics (SEO, SMM, Ya.Direct, Google Adwords, email marketing, CRM, Messenger Marketing, chat bots, Facebook Ads, Target, etc.) .d.);
— understanding and application in practice of all indicators (ROI / LTV / CPM / CPC / CPL / CPA, etc.);
— knowledge of the English language.

Must know:
— the basics of a market economy, entrepreneurship and business;
— market conditions;
— theory and practice of management;
— organization of advertising business;
— means and carriers of advertising;
— the basics of business administration, marketing;
— forms and methods of advertising campaigns;
— the procedure for the development of agreements and contracts for the organization and conduct of advertising campaigns;
— ethics of business communication;
— the basics of production technology, the structure of enterprise management, the prospects for innovation and investment.

Key skills:
— English — C1 — advanced;
— project management;
— development of a marketing strategy;
— sales development;
— strategic marketing;
— brand promotion;
— start-up project;
— marketing planning;
— sales management.

All fields are required