Smart Industry Management Platform

A platform-supermarket of domestic IT solutions on which a pool of high-quality IT solutions is assembled, and industrial enterprises place their real tasks.

The operating principle of the platform is “open innovation”. Industrial enterprises quickly find the most effective solutions for their tasks with the help of domestic IT companies, including the Technology Development Centers created by Tech Garden.

The purpose of the platform is to promote digitalization of the industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the development of domestic IT companies.

8 004 109 469 tenge

amount of already concluded contracts

To date, Tech Garden has implemented:

120 projects

On implementation of innovative solutions at industrial enterprises

57 companies

Industrial companies are customers of innovative solutions through Tech Garden

66 149 665 tenge

The average amount of implemented contracts between an industrial enterprise and an implementing company

Opportunities for industrial enterprises

Increased efficiency

Tech Garden introduces global best practices to industry to build an effective digitalization strategy.

High-quality domestic solutions

We provide access to many proven solutions from which you can choose the best.

Transparent data

You will be able to get all the necessary information about the project you are interested in in real time.

Opportunities for IT companies

Concluding a contract with industry

Participation in this project will give you the opportunity to be the first to receive information about the tasks and needs of industrial enterprises.

Access to industrial enterprises

The purpose of the platform is to provide industrial enterprises with access to information about your solutions.

Popularizing your company

As part of the platform activities, we will publish information in the media about the best projects and companies.

How it works

  • Ready-made solutions

    An industrial enterprise is aware of the need to automate its business processes. The re-sponsible person shifts to the Smart Industry Management Platform, where he can use a convenient filter to select an already ready-made solution from those offered on the plat-form.

  • Task Formation

    A representative of the enterprise forms the terms of reference, which is worked out togeth-er with Tech Garden representatives. The statement of work is publicly available on the Smart Industry Management Platform.

  • Solution selection

    The platform automatically notifies participants about the open position. The decision mak-er prepares the presentation and sends it to an independent commission for consideration. The commission evaluates the project and redirects it directly to the subsoil user.

  • Conclusion of the contract

    After analyzing the compliance of the solution to the problem, the subsoil user enters into a contract with a service provider.

Experience of localization and technology implementation.

To date, Tech Garden has implemented over 40 projects to implement elements of Industry 4.0

For several years we have been successfully localizing and implementing advanced IT technologies in the industry, such as predictive analysis of production processes based on artificial intelligence, as well as BIM (Building Information Modeling) technologies at the design and operation stages of industrial facilities.

Tech Garden is an R&D operator for subsoil users as part of their commitment to deduct 1% of SGD/ZND and has implemented 120 projects over the past 5 years, 30% of which are for the implementation of Industry 4.0 elements.

Industrial Tasks

One of our partners in the implementation of artificial intelligence is the leading enterprise in Industry 4.0 JSC "AK Altynalmas". The gold mining company is implementing the Digital Mine project with the aim of increasing operational efficiency up to 15% and building operational analytics that allows you to quickly find the causes of deviations and track how they are eliminated, as well as use predictive analysis based on artificial intelligence technologies to optimize processes.


IT solutions for industrial


How can IT companies join the platform?

In order for the information about your company to be published on the platform it is nec-essary to apply for participation on the landing page, fill in all necessary fields and be sure to attach a presentation about your company or decision. In order to offer a spe-cific solution for a specific task after the platform is available, you will need to go to the section "Industrial enterprises" to select the appropriate task, click "respond" and fill in all fields of the form. Your response will be automatically delivered to the responsible employees of the company. In order to offer your solution/presentation about the company to the general pool after the plat-form becomes available, you will need to go to the "IT Solutions" section and click "Become a member", then fill in all necessary fields of the form. Your answer will be automatically delivered to the responsible employees of the company.

What are the conditions of participation for an IT company? Do I need a participation agreement?

For information about your company to be published on the platform it is not necessary to enter into a contract. You need to provide detailed information about your company/decision by applying to and filling in all fields.

Is it necessary to have some portfolio of completed projects?

In order for your company to pass the selection, become a quality participant of the plat-form and have all chances to become a solution provider, it is necessary to prepare a competent presentation about the company, which will present both general information about the specifics, achievements and participants, and more precise, revealing the essence of a particular solution. The platform itself will provide an opportunity to place both a general presentation about the company and the presentation of a specific solution.

When will the platform work and how can you see the tasks of industrialists?

The launch of the platform is expected in June 2020. You can find the pool of industrial enterprises as well as tasks in the section "Industrial enterprises". In case an industrial company has already formed a solution, the button "Task" will be placed near the information about the compa-ny. When clicking on it, a field with a detailed description of the problem will be opened. Then, to respond to it, click the "Respond to the task" button and fill in all necessary fields of the form. Your answer will be automatically delivered to the responsible employees of the company.

Is there a selection of participants or can everyone participate?

All companies that apply for participation in the platform will be pre-assessed by Tech Garden. Experts will evaluate the submitted presentations and screen out unsuitable participants. The main selection criteria will be: the quality of decisions, the presence of implemented projects, experience in working with industrial enterprises or a vision of possible cooperation with them.

What is the difference from purchase portals?

The goal of creating a platform is much more global than just a marketplace. Its main task is to develop and support domestic IT developers by providing them with access to the needs of in-dustrial enterprises, broadcasting training materials, generation of thematic conferences, master classes, business breakfasts, etc. In a word, the creation of a specific ecosystem. Another important difference from the procurement portal - when selecting a service provider, the main criterion will be the quality of the solution, rather than the ability to fill out formal documentation.

What data about performers/decisions will be posted on the site?

The following information about the participant will be placed on the platform in the IT-solutions section: Company logo. Name of the company. Field of activity. Brief description and presentation of the solution and/or presentation of the company in PDF or PPT format. It is also possible to attach both the company presentation and the presentation of a specific solution. There will be a convenient filter on the site for searching for a concrete solution by spheres of application and tasks that it solves. To select a supplier company without a specific solution, a filter will work by field of activity. All data will be requested from participants separately and submitted to the site by Tech Garden employees for better and more accurate display.

How does the customer select solutions, will this system be transparent?

The decision selection process will have a conditionally transparent system. For the system to be fully transparent, all solutions must be published in the public domain. This can lead to the copying of ideas. In order to avoid such situations, after making a decision on selecting a service provider, each participant responding to the task will receive a notification about which company was chosen and why this decision was made. The information about the choice with the substantia-tion of the decision will also be published in the section "Implemented projects".

Can someone steal the idea of a solution that is publicly available?

The solution that you provide in response to a specific task will not be publicly available. It will only be visible to employees who are directly involved in the selection process. General infor-mation about your company, as well as the solution that can be found in the "IT Solutions" section will be available to all visitors. In case you possess a unique technology or solution and are afraid to be copied, you can only provide superficial information that cannot be copied or register the so-lution as intellectual property in advance.

What information will be available on the portal?

On the site in the main menu will be placed button SIMP. The submenu will contain the following items: platform, 3D tours, IT quarter, IT solutions, Industrial enterprises, E-Learning, Contacts. "About the platform" will provide information about the platform itself, oppor-tunities, conditions of participation, stages of work, requirements to projects, etc. "3D tours" within this section it is planned to place tours of the enterprises with demonstration of the implemented projects, including the activity of the company's laboratories. "IT-Quartal" will present a landing page with the description of the project, off-line activities for the platform participants, including the possibilities of renting space, co-coordering zone, etc. "IT-solutions" - a page on which all the solutions and description of the companies-participants of the platform will be published, with the possibility of filtering by application areas. "Industrial enterprises" - a page with information about platform participants from the customers' side, with a brief description of the company. Among other things, the page will allow you to immediately familiarize yourself with the current tasks of the industrial enterprise and apply for a solution. "E-Learning" - this subsection of training materials placement, on-line seminars and conferences. "Contacts" - this section will display the contacts of Tech Garden employees, supervising the platform.