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Digital Industry Center IntelliSense-LAB

Platform for Industry 4.0; Digitalization Assessment Toolkit

Center for Digital Industry IntelliSense-LAB was created for the development and implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies.

The technological platform for industrial automation and digitalization to optimize the production processes of subsoil users (mining and metallurgical complex, oil and gas sector, energy, transport) allows you to create solutions using artificial intelligence in order to reduce costs and increase productivity.

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BIM+ Laboratory

Creation of BIM models; laser 3D scanning; implementation of the Ecodomus platform for the operation of facilities; digital twin creation

The laboratory's activities are aimed at solving problems of introducing BIM technologies at the stage of operation of construction objects in the sectors of civil and industrial construction, as well as for automating the maintenance and operation of facilities.

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More details


Enterprise automation system

The company's flagship product is the IT-Enterprise system — a modern enterprise management system, a powerful tool for reengineering and optimizing business processes. It is a fully functional ERP system that includes MRPII, MES, APS, EAM, SCM and CRM systems. The company specializes in production management, MRO.

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An innovative view of information technology

The company is a qualified supplier of innovative software and hardware in the field of IT, industrial automation systems and business intelligence, as well as a leading supplier of radio navigation equipment.

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Organization management software manufacturer

ARTA SYNERGY platform is a Kazakhstani platform created to manage business processes at large enterprises and industries. The company's products are the following developments: electronic document management system; service crew management; management of requests to the IT support service; customer experience management, monitoring of the social climate of the company's employees; sales process management, etc.

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Distribution process automation system

It is an innovative research and production company that specializes in the development and production of high-tech electronic equipment.

The main developments of KazTechInnovations: electronic tracking system; ORBI glasses for 360 ° video; promising electric drone; IP cameras; IoT technologies for digitalization of housing and communal services; metering devices with integrated communication devices according to uniform standards; weather stations GGM; air pollution monitoring and analysis systems; manholes made of composite materials.

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Advanced Business Technologies

Efficient process control with online and RFID identification

ABiTech Ltd. has been providing professional IT services in many industrial sectors of the economy since 2003. One of the key activities of the company is the development and implementation of systems for automating business processes of enterprises based on RFID technologies, in particular, automation of maintenance and repair management, service work.

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Solutions for the mining and metallurgical complex; digitalization of oil and gas production

The company creates modern information systems that allow you to flexibly configure accounting points and make informed decisions based on timely and reliable information.

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IT Resolution

Distribution process automation system

The company's development solves the following tasks: optimizes costs; increases profits; increases the reliability of the data; standardizes and optimizes processes; increases customer loyalty; monitors balances, employees, customer base; gives the company independence from employees; improves labor discipline.

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Evotech Central Asia

Robotization and automation of business processes

The company organizes and conducts routine and emergency work at industrial facilities.

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Maxinum Consulting Group

Systematization of progress

The company operates in the field of technology and implementation consulting. Being at the intersection of software development, finance and business process optimization, Maxinum Consulting Group solves clients' problems by systematizing their activities.

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Augmented and virtual reality solutions

The main activity of the company is software development using augmented and virtual reality technologies.

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Artificial intelligence for business

The company automates production processes using machine learning and computer vision.

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Digital ID

The new standard for online customer identification for your business

Digital ID is a technology for remote customer identification. Thanks to it, companies increase the speed of service and reduce cases of fraud, and their customers receive the services they need online and save time.

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Platform for automating communication with clients

The company develops chat bots to boost online sales.

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A new era of industrial technology

The Mechanicum educational and engineering platform is a universal tool for developing 3D courses and virtual reality applications, a program for monitoring operation, maintenance and repair, as well as a system of digital industrial assistants.

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TALPA Solutions

Mining data management, mining optimization

Mining data management, mining optimization.

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MMM Solutions

Control and automation of production based on KanBan using an AI algorithm

The product of Digital Plant is a system for managing and monitoring the execution of work orders based on Kanban methodologies using tablets and an artificial intelligence algorithm, which further helps to manage and control the process itself.


IT without borders

The company provides services on a service model of informatization for the quasi-government and commercial sectors.

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Well Equipment & Services

Efficiency improvement and engineering support

The company monitors and optimizes the well construction process in real time.

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Eco Marine Kazakhstan

IT solutions for emission management of manufacturing enterprises

The company specializes in labor protection, industrial safety, environmental protection and IT.

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Greet Go

Company management system. More than CRM

The development of the MyBPM company provides employees with clear step-by-step regulations on how and how to serve customers at different stages of interaction with them. This solution is useful for manufacturing, logistics, legal and IT companies.

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Kibc Technology

The basis of production efficiency and information security of the enterprise

The Tamerlan software package registers all the actions of the company's employees at the computers. With the help of a large number of built-in reports and a multifunctional online monitoring module, you can find out exactly what, and how best, employees spend their working time, as well as receive timely notification of malicious actions of staff.

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More than just a messenger

Aitu is a free messenger for secure communication within the company, it allows you to automate business operations within the company based on a flexible bot platform: convenient sending messages with audio, photo and video; channels to easily share information; bots for automating communication with employees.

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Alpha Safety

Engineering company

The company makes the industry safer and more efficient through technology, innovation and digitalization.

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Seiko Labs

Automation of routine processes

RPA is a technology that allows you to quickly and without changing existing systems to automate a routine process. It can be installed on an employee's computer as a digital assistant for performing time-consuming tasks of the same type in different IT systems. In addition, RPA can be implemented centrally in the company's IT environment, completely replacing employees with robots in certain areas of operational work.

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ASUTP-Engineering LLP

Industrial automation

The company carries out the whole range of works on the creation and implementation of automated control and monitoring systems for technological processes in non-ferrous metallurgy, energy, oil and gas, chemical and uranium mining industries.


Digital agency — implementation of the most daring ideas

The company specializes in creating websites, mobile applications, blockchain projects, UX design, CRM / BI systems integration, end-to-end analytics, SMM promotion, SEO and contextual advertising.

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Kazakhstan Institute of Project Management

Development and promotion of professionalism in project management

The main activity of the company is business education and consulting on the development and implementation of corporate information management systems in government and business structures of the country.

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Space exploration

Innovative space technology "Video thermal imaging generalization method" for the search for oil, uranium, groundwater, geothermal sources, gold, bauxite, rock salts and other solid minerals at great depths.

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Meyer Tech

Smart Industry

The Meyer Tech group of companies provides delivery, turnkey installation, service maintenance of server, network, engineering equipment, software and others based on the wishes of the customer.

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Integrated approach to field optimization

The company is engaged in solving problems in the production and development of deposits.

Golden Age

Continuous emission monitoring systems

The company operates in the field of integrated supply of oil and gas facilities. One of the key activities of Gloden Age LLP is the supply of the necessary materials in the field of labor protection and environmental protection. The company offers modern safe solutions for the prevention and elimination of the consequences of oil, oil products and various chemical spills in industry.

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Information Technology

The company operates in the field of integrated supply of oil and gas facilities. One of the key activities of Gloden Age LLP is the supply of the necessary materials in the field of labor protection and environmental protection. The company offers modern safe solutions for the prevention and elimination of the consequences of oil, oil products and various chemical spills in industry.

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Prime Source

Powerful center for software development, implementation of technological solutions, management and IT consulting

For a decade, Prime Source has helped organizations achieve big results by delivering cutting edge technology solutions - and the world's best digital transformation expertise. We provide companies with long-term growth goals with the latest innovations in strategically important functional areas. The company's product solutions are Big Data, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Management, Customer Relationship Management, Credit Factory, Credit Risk Management, Operational Risk Management.

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Nienschanz-Automation LLP

Integrated automation and digitalization in industry and energy

For more than 25 years, the company has been providing its customers with access to modern technologies and solutions for building industrial automation systems in various industries, including the oil and gas industry, energy, telecommunications, transport, etc.

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Digital system for preventive monitoring of the condition of electric motors

WEG is implementing the WEG Motor Scan measuring module. This solution is designed to monitor the condition of electric motors used for all types of industrial applications. It also allows you to conduct continuous diagnostics of important and resource-intensive assets of the enterprise, and directly affect the reduction in the cost of owning a fleet of engines and a decrease in the number of emergency downtime.

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eCity Group

Complex solutions for the implementation of automated information and measurement systems

ECity Group is implementing:
— integrated solutions for automated information and measuring systems for commercial and technical metering of energy resources (AIIS KTUE);
— production process control systems (enterprise asset management systems, maintenance optimization systems);
— automation of production processes (SCADA).

Siemens Energy

A reliable partner in energy transformation

One of Siemens Energetika's priorities is to help customers meet the world's growing energy needs as they move towards sustainable energy development. We have the innovative technologies necessary for this, extensive experience in the energy sector and a comprehensive strategy for decarbonizing the world's energy systems.

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DS Group LLP

Implementation of automated commercial accounting systems

To date, the company has implemented more than 35 projects for the automation of energy facilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The team of professionals has accumulated a wealth of experience in conducting surveys, installation and commissioning works, designing, coordinating projects, passing various examinations with the preparation of a full package of documents.

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Improving production efficiency

The company provides the capabilities of remote production management by connecting equipment to the cloud or corporate information system, collecting and storing information, visualizing, analyzing work using machine learning algorithms, predictive diagnostics and identifying anomalies in the operation of industrial equipment.

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IT integration. Telecommunications operator. Provider.

KaR-Tel LLP is engaged in the direction of Beeline Business in the market of corporate users in Kazakhstan. Beeline Business helps its clients to build an efficient business with the help of innovative services, including: dedicated LTE subnetwork; telemedicine products; fire prevention systems; automated data collection; set of equipment for industrial tracking; monitoring of EMP, noise, particles and toxic substances; monitoring the quality of fresh water sources; Sim-management.

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Satellite provider in Kazakhstan

The company provides satellite communications and telecommunications services, is a system integrator, communications operator. ZHARYQ are ready to provide not only any telecommunications products, but also unique professional services of all levels of complexity for each category of potential consumers: government agencies, large, small and medium-sized businesses, telecom operators, individual consumers. The modern, high-tech material and technical base of the company and the level of qualifications of specialists allow us to work in a highly professional mode.

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Awara IT

ERP for manufacturing and mining companies

The company provides IT consulting services and implementation of Microsoft ERP systems and 1C.

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IT Solutions Group

VR/AR Communication Trainers

The company develops and implements industrial virtual reality solutions.

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The Parallel

Solutions based on virtual and augmented reality technologies (AR/VR); industrial virtual simulators

The company is engaged in corporate training using virtual reality (VR) technologies. The Parallel views virtual reality as an enhanced approach to corporate learning. The use of virtual reality helps to reduce training costs, efficiently collect and analyze data, integrate virtual reality with LMS, ERP, and improve the memorization of the necessary skills.

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Tess Technology

Mathematical modeling and building predictive models

The company specializes in data analysis for solving business problems (market analysis, search for insights for working with clients, trends in purchasing behavior, etc.) Tess Technology uses both classical statistical methods of data analysis and modern analytical methods in its methodology, which allow you to understand who your customers are and how they live, where the market is heading and what will be in demand tomorrow.

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Cable Walker

Robotic monitoring and maintenance system for electrical networks

An innovative digital robotic tool for diagnosing and maintaining live power lines in real time to improve the efficiency of electrical grids.

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Integrated satellite monitoring and parameter control system

Geostron is a software and hardware complex for quality control of the operation of mobile and stationary objects. The functionality of the system allows you to monitor the current state of the car, remote analysis of faults and carry out timely preventive maintenance.

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Digitalization of processes in the field of safety, labor and environmental protection

The company develops applications for business processes of enterprises. sPoint is an electronic work permit system, as well as a notification and incident investigation system.

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Web / 3D Development / Digital Twin Platform

TwinTech LLP is focused on the development of modern technologies in the Republic of Kazakhstan and beyond. The company adheres to an integrated approach to project implementation. Thus, the experience of global companies, leaders in their industry, confirms that the use of methodologies based on international standards is one of the keys to successful automation and digitalization.

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SCRUM studio

Robarin develops high-performance mobile applications and premium web services, working according to the Scrum methodology, which requires many years of experience, the ability to analyze, and the desire to prioritize the interests of the client.

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