BIM+ Laboratory

The center" BIM+ Laboratory " was opened in January 2019 in cooperation with EcoDomus Inc (USA) to digitalize the full life cycle of construction of objects, including industrial ones, in order to reduce operating costs.

The activity of the "BIM+ Laboratory" is aimed at solving problems related to the implementation of BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology at the stage of operation of construction projects and the use of related technologies "Internet of things" and "Big Data" in the civil and industrial construction sectors, to automate the maintenance and operation of facilities.

The objective of the laboratory:

The technology is based on the concept of Digital Twin — creating Digital twins, and is aimed at solving The problems of industry 4.0. Digital twins based on a BIM-based interface model is a comprehensive solution for the interaction of people, sensors, equipment and artificial intelligence to monitor data, register information and make timely decisions when managing a construction project.

Laboratory capabilities:

3D laser scanning

A survey method that allows you to create a digital model of surrounding objects, which is represented as a "3D point cloud" with coordinates. On the basis of the point cloud, a BIM model is subsequently created.

The creation of a BIM model (Building Information Modeling)

Create a three-dimensional model of objects associated with the database, in which each element of the model can be assigned all the necessary attributes.

Implementation of the Ecodomus platform for object operation

Implementation of software based on BIM models that reduces the cost of maintaining the object during maintenance, operation, and allows you to keep track of assets.

Creating a digital twin

Creating a digital copy of a physical object or process that helps optimize the efficiency of the process.

Laboratory goals:

Reduced operating costs of the enterprise while implementing the Ecodomus platform

Optimization of operating modes of objects/enterprises and monitoring of equipment condition by creating a digital twin

Accuracy of accounting for building assets

Use of VR technologies for emergency simulations and rapid response

Optimizing the use of space

Reduce the time required to create a BIM model by using laser scanning

Centralized access to all data of equipment and other objects

Implemented projects

Eagle Bank Arena building in USA

BIM + Laboratory together with EcoDomus Inc. took part in a project on the application of BIM technology to ensure the safety of construction sites and automation of management in case of emergencies. The BIM + Laboratory, based on working documentation materials in Autodesk Revit software, has developed a BIM model of the Eagle Bank Arena building - a sports stadium with ten thousand seats. BIM model transferred to EcoDomus software. The BIM model was integrated with video cameras, sensors and data collection devices. The project has been completed. Result: the basis was obtained for the application of BIM technology to ensure the safety of buildings and structures.

BIM digital twin of the Nur-Sultan Akimat

By order of the Akimat of Nur-Sultan and SEC "Astana" at the own expense of Tech Garden, the BIM + Laboratory Center created a demo BIM model of the building of the akimat of the city of Nur-Sultan, containing data on the sections "KR" - structures and "AR" - architecture.

Ice Palace "Barys Arena"

By order of the Akimat of Nur-Sultan and SEC "Astana" on the basis of the existing design documentation, the BIM + Laboratory Center created a BIM-model for the implementation of construction and installation works and / or overhaul of the Barys Arena Ice Palace in the city of Nur-Sultan, containing data on sections "KR" — structures.

Effects of using laboratory products:

30-50% reduction in design and estimate documentation development time

10-20% reduction in construction time

20% reduction in design and estimate documentation examination time

10-30% reduction in operating costs

30% reduction in construction costs

5% savings on repairs

Partners of the lab:

EcoDomus Inc

The international company is a leading developer of software and consulting in the field of implementation of digital models of buildings and engineering structures. The company's software package and management are used in the construction, maintenance and operation of civil and industrial facilities. EcoDomus is a fully focused Lifecycle BIM company for integrating information collected during the design and construction stages, as well as a global BIM solution provider with extensive experience in integrating design and construction information (BIM models and BIM documents) with other systems. Smart City, such as GIS (Geographic Information Systems), BAS / BMS (Building Management Systems), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems), CMMS (Computerized Service Management Systems), CAFM (Computer Equipment Management Systems), EDMS (Electronic Management Systems) documents), etc.

Autodesk Inc.

The largest company in the world, a provider of software for industrial and civil construction, mechanical engineering, the media and entertainment market.


Mikhail Perepletov

Digital Construction Project Manager