Financing procedure

Process of interaction

Selection procedure for projects

Selection of projects for financing is carried out in accordance with the Rules of project expertise of the participants of the innovation cluster "PIT", approved by the Steering Committee on September 12, 2015 (hereinafter - the Rules).

In accordance with point 4 of the Rules, expertise of projects is conducted in 3 stages:

Acceptance by the Fund of the documents submitted by the applicants specified in paragraph 5 of the Rules.

Preliminary selection of projects by subsoil users from the list of projects specified in the list of legal entities participating in the innovation cluster "Park of Innovative Technologies", included in the unified register of participants of FEZ "PIT".

Carry out project expertise at a meeting of the expert commission and issue an expert opinion on the expediency and inexpediency of project financing.

According to point 5 of the Rules, in order to carry out expert examination of projects, the applicant shall submit the following documents to the Fund:

  1. Application for project expertis (download);
  2. Explanatory note (in free form), which will contain the following information: completeness of theoretical and / or applied research, readiness of the project to move to the stage of industrial design development, demonstration model or prototype of the project (if available); novelty of the technology or compliance with the best existing world analogues, confirmed by relevant patent studies, ownership and / or authorship of intellectual property;
  3. Project passport in the form approved by the Fund (download).