The center for digital industry IntelliSense-LAB

The IntelliSense-LAB digital industry center was opened by Tech Garden in June 2018 together with TNC " Limited" (UK) for the development and implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies. The technological platform for industrial automation and digitalization for optimizing the production processes of subsurface users (mining and metallurgical complex, oil and gas sector, energy, transport) allows you to create solutions using Artificial intelligence in order to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Tasks of the center:

Development and implementation of strategies for automation and digitalization of technological business processes of industrial enterprises in Kazakhstan to create a critical mass of enterprises  — market drivers (~20% of the pool of enterprises of MMC, NGS, mechanical engineering, etc.), actively implementing new technologies to acquire financial and operational advantages.

Center opportunities:

Platform for Industry 4.0

Industrial artificial intelligence platform allows to make real-time decisions for the mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, energy and logistics industries.

This platform creates a process simulation environment that continuously synchronizes with real-time data, identifies process bottlenecks, executes "what if" scenarios, and trains operators to choose the most effective approach in such situations. Big data analysis increases the efficiency of technologies and equipment.

Digitalization Assessment Toolkit

The module allows you to analyze the business processes of an enterprise in order to draw up plans and stages for automation, which makes this process more productive.

Goals of the center

Enterprise survey, readiness assessment, development and implementation of industrial automation and digitalization strategies.
Integration of start-up projects and innovative projects using the 1% SRS tool for subsurface users.
Tuition, trainings (since December 2018, 160 students have been trained), creation of a training WEB portal, involvement of Universities and research institutes.
Development of the market for the use of artificial intelligence to optimize industrial processes of subsurface users through pilot implementations.

Implemented projects

Optimization of the grinding cycle at the beneficiation plant of JSC "AK Altynalmas" using the industrial AI platform

In 2019, IntelliSense-LAB completed the implementation of a pilot project based on the Aktogay gold recovery plant of JSC "AK" Altynalmas "in terms of the development of artificial intelligence systems for predictive analysis of the" grinding cycle "process.

This is the first model production in the country using artificial intelligence technologies and the Internet of Things for predictive analysis of the “grinding cycle” process in order to reduce costs and increase productivity., an industrial AI platform, predicts ball loading and liner wear and prevents mill overloads, resulting in increased process transparency and reduced mill downtime.

As part of the implementation of the task of optimizing the grinding cycle, the following results were achieved:|

  • the "Ball loading" model shows the level of the ball charge in an operating SAG mill in real time, which made it possible to exclude technological production downtime associated with manual measurement of the level of the ball charge;
  • advance notification of operators about the upcoming overloading of the SAG mill allowed to reduce the number of overloads, which in turn led to an increase in finished product output;
  • The Lining Wear model monitors the wear rate of the drum linings in an SAG mill, allowing us to manage the life of the drum linings and plan for major repairs.

Cumulatively under the Grinding Cycle Optimization initiative, the annual gross economic effect / income was $ 1.3 million.

Thanks to the introduction of digitalization elements into technological processes, JSC "AK Altynalmas" became the winner of the prestigious OEE Award, which was presented on December 6 in Moscow as part of the international conference and industrial marathon "Effective Production 4.0".

The OEE Award is the first executive award awarded annually for excellence in efficient manufacturing. Among the hundred enterprises of the CIS, JSC "AK Altynalmas" won the first prize in the category "Predictive Service and Equipment Repair" for the "Digital Mine" project.

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Partners: Limited began operations in 2014 with a mission to significantly improve the efficiency of capital and asset-intensive industries (mining, oil and gas) and reduce health and safety risks through the use of digital technologies.


Andrey Tyan

Head of the Center

Dana Madiyeva

Commercial Director