Tech Garden creates a holistic R&D ecosystem that brings together government, industrial enterprises and IT companies

This was announced by the CEO of Tech Garden, Askar Sembin, in his speech at the Digital Almaty 2021 forum.

Speaking at the Industry 4.0 panel session, Askar Sembin noted that in the conditions of COVID-19, industrial enterprises showed the best results, which managed to introduce a certain, rather high, level of digitalization in advance. This allowed enterprises, even with a shortage of personnel or the introduction of quarantine restrictions, to function almost uninterruptedly.

“However, these are local solutions. And for interaction with other enterprises, services, measures of state support, a single platform is needed. During a pandemic, the need for market participants — IT companies, industrial enterprises, the university environment — for online communications has become a necessity. Therefore, Tech Garden has been working on the creation of such a platform over the past year“, said Askar Sembin.

We are talking about a unified Smart Industry Management Platform (SIMP), the goal of which is to form an Industry 4.0 ecosystem in Kazakhstan through direct interaction of industrial enterprises, the public sector (including development institutions), IT and innovative companies, universities and research institutes. The Industry 4.0 ecosystem formed on the SIMP platform will provide timely and operational support to the country’s industrial enterprises in their digital transformation and stimulate the active implementation of digital technologies.

As of today, the platform is implemented in beta version, you can familiarize yourself with it on the official Tech Garden website:

“More than thirty innovative companies offering solutions for various industries have already become residents of the platform. At the same time, in cooperation with the Kazakhstan center of industry and export “QazIndustry”, we conducted a survey of more than a hundred industrial enterprises and received valuable data on the readiness and needs of industrial enterprises in the digital transformation strategy, in specific digital solutions, in personnel training, etc." — explained the CEO of Tech Garden.

“Next we will have to consider the issue of deep analytics. Why do we need this data? In order for enterprises to be profitable, they must see the result from the analysis of this data, so that, for example, each enterprise has access to the Internet of the power that it needs, who needs artificial intelligence, and who needs training. In fact, we are talking about a digitalization map, which we have already created in a pilot version and in the near future it will be available for platform participants“, said Askar Sembin.

The next step in creating an R&D ecosystem is the practice of exchanging information on successful projects in the field of Industry 4.0. “So, today, together with our partner — AK Altynalmas JSC — we are working on placing a successful case on the use of artificial intelligence for a digital factory on our platform. The project was implemented by our Competence Center “IntelliSense-LAB”. As a result of the implementation, the total annual economic effect from the implementation of the system in 2020 amounted to more than $ 1.3 million“, explained Askar Sembin.

Also, AСF has implemented the Digital Well project together with its partner — JSC “Caspian Oil”. Thus, the Fund already has a digital MMC factory, a digital well, and now the team is working on the issue of implementing a digital substation.

“Having collected the marketplace of domestic IT solutions from our residents and tasks from industrial enterprises, we offered the parties the following format. We persuade industrial enterprises, as part of their own corporate innovations, to conduct an acceleration program, a marathon. This is a rather unique thing. She was born thanks to cooperation with Kazakhmys Corporation LLP. We held a week-long marathon with the company, demonstrating nine mature IT solutions during this time.

This format gives the participants points of contact, the opportunity to choose the most suitable solution and start digitalization of technological or business processes with practically no risk“, said Askar Sembin.

As a result of the marathon, for example, Kainar-AKB LLP chose for itself an IT company — a resident of the SIMP platform — to implement MES systems and automate workflow.

The marathons were run online. About ten such marathons were held, which significantly expanded the SIMP audience.

“Since the beginning of this year, we have started cooperation with Samruk-Kazyna, and now we are preparing a new large marathon of IT solutions for the tasks of Samruk-Kazyna enterprises”, A. Sembin said.

He also emphasized that the development of the Industry 4.0 innovation cluster should be considered as an integral R&D Ecosystem, within the framework of a national project based on the SIMP technology platform, uniting the state, industrial enterprises and IT companies. It is through the use of platform solutions that significant progress can be achieved in the field of enterprise modernization.

“This platform should integrate government support measures and the needs of enterprises, for example, in taxation. We are already launching one of the SIMP modules — the QazR & D platform, which will solve the issues of transparency in spending 1% of the SRS / ZND of subsoil users on R&D. The platform is implemented using Blockchain technologies by our Center for the Technological Development of Intelligent Systems, “explained Askar Sembin.

SIMP will also solve the learning problem. This is the most important factor, and together with the Russian company Tsifra AKF Tech Garden is now launching the Fifth Competence Center for training employees of industrial enterprises.

“Our immediate goal is to help one hundred Kazakhstani companies by introducing elements of Industry 4.0 within five years to reach a new level of digital transformation. This year we plan about 15-20 implementations of existing solutions, which are partly offered through our Competence Centers, partly from SIMP resident companies“, A. Sembin said.

He also stressed that the integration similar to the National Platforms of the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union will create a common market for the needs of industrial enterprises and the capabilities of IT companies. This will give Kazakhstan the opportunity to become competitive as a large regional cluster of Industry 4.0.

The Autonomous Cluster Fund (ACF) Tech Garden is a state organization established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Tech Garden innovation cluster is a professional environment for the development of innovations demanded by industry and business.
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