Kazakhstani startup became one of the first providers of daily satellite imagery to Planet in Central Asia

Egistic, a startup based in Kazakhstan, became one of the first providers of daily satellite imagery to Planet in the Central Asian region.

With daily access to satellite imagery, Egistic provides its customers with information on monitoring agricultural fields, analyzing vegetation and monitoring various crops (e.g. wheat, barley, soybeans, rapeseed, etc.). Today Egistic covers over 1 million hectares of agricultural land.

Planet is a vertically integrated aerospace data analysis company that operates the world’s largest constellation of Earth imaging satellites. Founded in 2010 by three NASA scientists, Planet has designed and built more than 300 satellites, with about 180 satellites currently operating in two different constellations, including the world’s largest sub-meter constellation. Headquartered in San Francisco and with offices around the world, Planet serves over 500 companies in over 40 countries with over 30,000 users.

Egistic is one of the first regional Planet partners in Kazakhstan. The partnership began two years ago after a Kazakh startup turned to Planet for access to high-resolution imagery. At the time, Planet had an agreement for the exclusive use of its images by a Canadian company. After two years of negotiations and the expiration of an agreement with Canada, Egistic and Planet have reached an agreement to use satellite imagery to monitor agricultural fields in Kazakhstan.

“Egistic now has access to an extensive Planet database with daily 3 to 4 meter resolution imagery from the PlanetScope satellite constellation. Images of 3 to 4 meters are the size of an average tractor when viewed from above. Access to these images will allow Egistic to expand its services and improve the efficiency of analyzing vegetation health indicators and identifying possible anomalies, “says Zhandos Kerimkulov, founder of Egistic.

Farmers can now monitor their fields on a daily basis and identify problem areas faster than ever before. In addition, Planet’s high frame rate and high resolution satellite imagery will provide Egistic users with the most accurate analytical and rating information on their fields and enable them to make informed and timely decisions. Using the Egistic solution, farmland owners can use the following functions: management of agricultural activities, satellite images of fields, interpretation of agrochemical soil analysis, analytics, connection of agricultural consultants. More details about the Egistic solution can be found on the company’s website.

Egistic is a portfolio startup of the Tech Garden Ventures fund, one of the successful projects of the Startup Kazakhstan international acceleration program, which was carried out by the Autonomous Cluster Fund “Park of Innovative Technologies”, operating under the Tech Garden brand.