Tech Garden and R&D in Kazakhstan

On behalf of Tech Garden yesterday took part in the forum "Development of human capital as the basis of economic growth of the country", organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the invitation of Minister Sayasat Nurbek, he shared with education and science workers a presentation on the financing of R&D projects within 1% by domestic subsoil users. He also spoke about the activities of the Foundation, where such heavy industries as the extraction of solid minerals and hydrocarbons collide with fundamental science, creating fertile ground for technological re-equipment of industry.

On my Facebook page, I have already talked about how we interact with subsoil users, Kazakhstani companies and science for the implementation and implementation of research and development work.

For the transparency of the mechanisms, my team and I have created a unified network of small and large tools aimed at enhancing the effect of the 1% mechanism. The main tool for the commercialization of ideas is a platform for interaction between industrial enterprises, startups, scientists – Smart Industry Management Platform (SIMP). And to scale the projects being implemented, we are creating additional mechanisms to nurture the potential of the market, among which there are such programs as a venture studio, grants, incubation and acceleration, field tours to Kazakhstani and foreign enterprises, and much more.

Thus, at the forum, I wanted to convey the idea that Tech Garden plays a key role in the development of science, innovation and technology in the country. The model of financing R&D through the obligations of subsoil users contributes to the creation of a sustainable platform for cooperation between science and industry, which in turn contributes to the digital transformation of the country and the development of domestic advanced technologies.

To date, the Fund's portfolio has already worked out a transparent mechanism for financing projects. This is evidenced by the following centers: over the years of Tech Garden, we have accumulated a base of 80 partners-subsoil users, more than 200 projects have been financed and there are more than 18 billion tenge available for development.

On my own behalf, I would like to express my great gratitude to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as Sayasat Nurbek for inviting and providing opportunities for dialogue, exchange of experience and development of new development strategies in the scientific activity of the country.

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