A trilateral agreement concluded to implementat the project "Development of an integrated solution for the digitalization of a coal deposit" between ACF "PIT", Shubarkol Premium JSC and Intelligent Digital Solutions LLP

Under the agreement, the parties assumed obligations to ensure the implementation of the project "Development of a comprehensive solution for the digitalization of a coal deposit"

The project is aimed at:
1 - Improving the efficiency of managing a subsoil user company by creating a single information space and end-to-end automation of business processes;
2 - Creating additional value for the company by integrating physical objects, processes and digital technologies within Industry 4.0;
3 - Implementating a unified digital platform for enterprise management and commissioning on time within the allocated budget.

For more information: https://www.instagram.com/p/CuJq7kHNWeB/?img_index=1

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