Tech Garden Technology Center — Industrial Development Center — conducted training for employees of Asia Trafo LLP on the basics of Industry 4.0

The experts of the technology center have trained middle and senior managers of the enterprise for the transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The training covered topics about organizational aspects of digital transformation, which occurs when an

The training course on the topic “Fundamentals of Industry 4.0” included such blocks as:
— introduction to the digital transformation of a global enterprise;
— description of new digital technologies;
— the impact of the use of technology in the business processes of an industrial enterprise, etc.

Recall that the training was conducted for employees of the Kazakhstan plant Asia Trafo. The enterprise is one of the largest in Central Asia for the production of transformer equipment. The plant is part of the leading domestic manufacturer of electrical equipment Alageum Electric. The main products of the plant are power oil transformers and autotransformers with a voltage class of 110, 220, 500 kV with a capacity of up to 500 MVA, as well as reactors. The design capacity of the plant is over 12,000 MVA per year.

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