Innovative solutions in the oil and gas sector

Tech Garden held a presentation of technological solutions for the Kazakh oil company — JSC Embamunaigas.

The program of the technological marathon was developed according to the requirements of an industrial enterprise, so the online meeting was divided into the following blocks: ecomonitoring, liquidation and research of MCD, digital solutions in the electric power industry, as well as digital solutions in budgeting and procurement.

Technological solutions were presented by our residents of the Smart Industry Management Platform (SIMP) — these are the companies Asia-Soft, Clinal, AlatauEnergoProekt LLP, Gumarbek Daukeev AUES, as well as Blockchain & Big Data Lab.

Embamunaigas JSC is a modern Kazakhstani oil company with a promising future, engaged in geological exploration, development of oil and gas fields, production and preparation of oil and gas. Embamunaigas JSC consists of 6 production structural divisions in Atyrau and 4 districts of Atyrau region: "Zhaiykmunaigas", "Dossormunaigas", "Kaynarmunaigas", "Zhylyoymunaigas", "Embamunaenergo" management and "Management of Production and Technical maintenance and Equipment Configuration" (UPTO and CO). The company supplies the extracted oil for export and the domestic market.

Other news



Presentation of the «Model Factory» project as part of participation in the World Bank’s grant program

Today the CEO of Tech Garden successfully presented the «Model Factory» project for the International Expert Commission on Science and Commercialization



Summing up and announcing the finalists of completed marathons 

The Autonomous cluster fund “Park of Innovative Technologies”, acting under the Tech Garden brand, held three technological marathons for enterprises from the mining industry and the oil and gas sector during the week. 



The finalists of the positioning marathon have been selected

The autonomous cluster Fund “Park of Innovative Technologies”, acting under the brand Tech Garden, held a technological marathon for the Kazakh gold mining company AltynEx JSC.