Smart Field — digitalization of an oil and gas company’s field

Tech Garden management met with representatives of TOO “KAZPETROL GROUP”.

During the meeting, the issues of the concept and implementation of the Intellectual deposit, which is being created in the Kyzylorda region, were discussed. 

Earlier, the team of the Tech Garden Digital Transformation department conducted a technical survey of the company’s fields where Industry 4.0 technologies are being implemented. 

Digital Deposit is an integrated platform that combines data from all the company’s facilities, which provides the received data in a form convenient for perception and analysis. 

Tech Garden has experience in implementing projects such as Digital Mine, Digital Ecology, Digital Substations and Digital Deposit.  

TOO “KAZPETROL GROUP” is engaged in the search, exploration, development of oil and gas fields and oil production, with further sale of commercial oil in the domestic and foreign commodity markets. The company is part of the international group of companies Kusto Group.

Other news



Presentation of the «Model Factory» project as part of participation in the World Bank’s grant program

Today the CEO of Tech Garden successfully presented the «Model Factory» project for the International Expert Commission on Science and Commercialization



Summing up and announcing the finalists of completed marathons 

The Autonomous cluster fund “Park of Innovative Technologies”, acting under the Tech Garden brand, held three technological marathons for enterprises from the mining industry and the oil and gas sector during the week. 



The finalists of the positioning marathon have been selected

The autonomous cluster Fund “Park of Innovative Technologies”, acting under the brand Tech Garden, held a technological marathon for the Kazakh gold mining company AltynEx JSC.