Session “Educational course Industry 4.0” was held in Tech Garden

The event was held as part of Business Meeting Gold 4.0.

The resident of the Smart Industry Management Platform (SIMP) — Skymax Technologies — told the representatives of the mining and metallurgical complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan about the implementation of underground communication systems. Roman Khaibullin, project manager, spoke about how the implementation of the “Digital MPP”* system can increase the productivity and profitability of an enterprise.

Our Russian partner, Zyfra Group, held a presentation of an online educational workshop for specialists and managers of the mining industry “Digital Mining Enterprise. Kazakhstan”. This course covers both the planning and implementation of a digital strategy for the entire enterprise, as well as the digitalization of individual production processes to increase their efficiency.

The educational block on Industry 4.0 evoked a response among the invited experts of the mining industry. A lively discussion about the need to train employees of MMC enterprises once again confirmed the relevance of the work carried out by Tech Garden together with partners. The Center for Technological Development of the MMC was created specifically to improve the skills of managers and employees of enterprises in the industry.

As a reminder, Business Meeting Gold 4.0 was organized by the Association of Precious Metals Producers Dragmet and Tech Garden to discuss plans for the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions for 2022.

* “Digital MPP” = “Digital Mine” + “Digital Factory”

Other news



Presentation of the «Model Factory» project as part of participation in the World Bank’s grant program

Today the CEO of Tech Garden successfully presented the «Model Factory» project for the International Expert Commission on Science and Commercialization



Summing up and announcing the finalists of completed marathons 

The Autonomous cluster fund “Park of Innovative Technologies”, acting under the Tech Garden brand, held three technological marathons for enterprises from the mining industry and the oil and gas sector during the week. 



The finalists of the positioning marathon have been selected

The autonomous cluster Fund “Park of Innovative Technologies”, acting under the brand Tech Garden, held a technological marathon for the Kazakh gold mining company AltynEx JSC.