Application of digital twins in industry

The first meeting of industrial enterprises with IT companies.

Date of the event:

07 july


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Goals and objectives

For what?

Holding events of this format is aimed at promoting the digitalization of the industry in Kazakhstan and the development of domestic IT companies.


On the part of the industry: Kazakhturkmunai LLP, EuroChem LLP, KazAzot JSC. On the part of IT companies: BIM + Laboratory Technological Development Center LLP, ABiTech, DLC Automation LLP, VISITECH, ITORUM MR.

Event program

  • 14:15 — 14:30

    Connecting participants to ZOOM

  • 14:30 — 14:40

    Welcome speech from Tech Garden

  • 14:40 — 14:50

    Welcome speech from Skolkovo

  • 14:50 — 15:00

    Presentation of services "BIM + Laboratory": smart design based on BIM technologies. Discussion of effects, possibilities and development prospects for industrial enterprises

  • 15:00 — 15:10

    Presentation of the services of Advanced Business Technologies LLP. The company develops and implements systems for automating business processes enterprises based on RFID technologies

  • 15:10 — 15:20

    DLC Automation LLP services presentation. The company is engaged in the optimization of oil production from wells with intelligent control stations

  • 15:20 — 15:30

    Presentation of services of LLC "Visitek". The development of the company is a digital worker: production control, electronic work permit, personnel management, geo-positioning of employees for incident management and control of work in hazardous conditions

  • 15:30 — 15:40

    Presentation of the services of "Itorum MR" LLC. The development of the company is a remote expert: a hardware and software module based on augmented reality (AR)

  • 15:40 — 15:50

    Presentation of the services of RTSIM LLC. The company develops computer simulators for the oil and gas industry

  • 15:50 — 16:00

    Summing up the results of the online session "Application of digital twins in industry"

Date of the event:

07 july

Alfiya Ilaeva, Director of the Department for Project Management and Development of the Innovation Cluster

Tatiana Napolskaya, PR and Media Relations Manager

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