Efficient production 4.0

Second meeting of industrial enterprises with IT companies

Date of the event:

07 august


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Goals and objectives

For what?

Holding events of this format is aimed at promoting the digitalization of the industry in Kazakhstan and the development of domestic IT companies.


On the industrial side: Kaz Minerals, NAC Kazatomprom JSC, NIPI Kaspimunaigas JSC, Volkovgeologia JSC, ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, Kazphosphate JSC and Zhairem Mining and Processing Plant JSC. On the part of IT companies: IntelliSense-LAB, Verigram, Well Equipment & Services, Navigine, Vizorlab, OMV.

Event program

  • 14:15 — 14:30

    Connecting participants to ZOOM

  • 14:30 — 14:40

    Welcome speech from Tech Garden

  • 14:40 — 14:50

    Welcome speech from Skolkovo

  • 14:50 — 15:00

    Intellisense LAB service presentation: effective application of the company's products in industry

  • 15:00 — 15:10

    Presentation of services of the Navigine company. The guys are developing a system for monitoring and moving personnel on the territory of the enterprise with high precision

  • 15:10 — 15:20

    Presentation of the services of the Verigram company. Kazakhstani IT company is engaged in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence for industrial enterprises

  • 15:20 — 15:30

    Presentation of Vizorlab services. Industrial video analytics system based on AI and computer vision guarantees compliance with safety regulations, control of production personnel and full control of technological processes

  • 15:30 — 15:40

    Presentation of the services of the company Well Equipment & Services. The guys are engaged in the optimization of processes when drilling and repairing oil and gas wells

  • 15:40 — 15:50

    Presentation of the services of the OMV company. They are engaged in the introduction of simulators into the training process that visualize technological processes using virtual reality and 3D technologies

  • 15:50 — 16:00

    Summing up the results of the online session "Effective Manufacturing 4.0"

Date of the event:

07 august

Alfiya Ilaeva, Director of the Department for Project Management and Development of the Innovation Cluster

Tatiana Napolskaya, PR and Media Relations Manager

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