Corporate acceleration


Competitiveness, savings or additional profit, new product and sales markets are the key tasks of each corporation. New technologies and digitalization of production and business processes help to achieve success.

However, ready-made solutions available on the market are usually expensive and do not always suit every enterprise with its features and needs.

Tech Garden offers the fastest and most flexible mechanism for implementing technologies developed specifically for you: corporate acceleration.


Fast development and rapid testing of automation and digitalization projects in practice

The opportunity to get an atypical solution that is exactly suitable for the specific tasks of your business

Save money on implementing automation and digitalization

Increase revenue or reduce costs by launching new products and services


  • 1

    A group of Tech Garden experts and representatives of the company monitor and identify areas where automation or digitalization is in progress;

  • 2

    The enterprise forms a technological task;

  • 3

    Tech Garden collects a "funnel" of startups that offer their own solution;

  • 4

    The most relevant solutions pass through acceleration;

  • 5

    The Customer's experts evaluate the proposed solutions and choose the best one;

  • 6

    The Customer company provides developers with a platform to pilot the project;

  • 7

    Tech Garden provides the developer with funding to conduct a pilot implementation and Refine the project to the ideal product;

  • 8

    Final stage: technological implementation of the startup development in the production of the customer company.


Acceleration is carried out at the expense of the Republican budget. The operator is the Autonomous cluster fund "Park of Innovative Technologies", acting under the brand Tech Garden.

Acceleration includes training the development team, finalizing the technological solution, consulting excellent experts, modeling scenarios and testing effects.

Piloting of the ready-made solution is carried out at the expense of the customer's enterprise at its technological site.

After piloting and complete revision of the solution, the customer enterprise can perform:
— commercial order of project services;
— hiring employees;
— acquisition of project technology;
— buying a project as a business.